We create

Learning opportunities in technology for everyone.

Our purpose is to educate and give young people the digital skills that will make it easier to them to find their dream job in programming.


Mindera School

Mindera School is a dream that became reality:
Give every young person passionate about technology the opportunity to learn how to program and prepare them to start working.

Our school is the result of the effort, dedication and commitment of Mindera School Association associates.


Our program is agile and interactive.

Our training program can be adjusted for each student or class, considering their characteristics (expectations, knowledge, needs, learning progress)


Program is based on individual projects and group projects.
Students are challenged to develop, at least, three projects during the 12 months of training.
New challenges can also arise along the way because, with the help of a mentor, students have an active role drawing their learning path.
Our students have the opportunity to follow, from the beginning, Mindera’s projects and Mindera’s developing teams.


12 Months

September - August (Applications open)
Scholarships available

Personal Development

90% technological skills. The main goal of the program is to create technical literacy, so the biggest part of the program is dedicated to programming and software development.

10% soft skills (self-knowledge, communication, teamwork, time-management,…)
We want to provide our students personal development skills with the intention of giving them resources to help them deal with day-to-day challenges.


Selection Process

Requirements: Age close to 18 years; Minimum mandatory schooling; Strong passion for technology; Be expeditious and autonomous using the computer and different softwares.

You can send your application to the email: education.pt@mindera.com

A video call will then be scheduled so we can have a chat with you.

You'll be invited to visit our space as well as the Mindera's Porto office.


Come Visit!

Visitors are always welcome!
If you want to know more about our school contact us.



Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão 347 – s220
4000-270 Porto, Portugal

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